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National Anthem during DSP 2015


International Workshops on Dairy Science Park

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IW-DSP-2011-II                         IW-DSP-2015 – Report

DSP Newsletters

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DSP Profile – July 2016                             IW-DSP-2013-recommendations

DSP-SNL BRM Curriculum – Report    DVM Curriculum 2015

Business Incubation

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DSP Inspection Team visited Farmers’ Sausage Company.

Dairy Science Park selected by United Nations for SDGs Partnership

Join Dairy Science Park 2015 as speaker, delegate partner at industrial exhibition

Prof M Subhan Qureshi explored R&D and business collaboration in China

Press coverage of Dairy Science Park via Business Recorder

Press coverage of Dairy Science Park via Business Recorder

Minister Local Government KP agreed on establishing Dairy Science Park Board

Press coverage

Business Recorder and UAP website


To support the people of the war-hit Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, FATA and the adjoining Regions in Afghanistan, Tajikistan and China, through self-employment for youth and hygienic food production for the people in partnership with SDGs of the United Nations

Chronological developments

  1. Livestock Development Plan was prepared on advice of the Ex-Chief Minister/present Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sardar Mahtab Ahmad Khan Abbasi, communicated vide letter dated 30th November, 1998, for productive utilization of provincial livestock resources targeted at export.
  1. The Plan was updated to Dairy Science Park through three successive international workshops during 2011, 2013 and 2015 at the University of Agriculture Peshawar.
  1. The President Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KPCCI), Mr Zahidullah Shinwari approved the Standing Committee on Livestock for integrating various stakeholders.
  1. The Minister for Agriculture, Sardar Ikramullah Gandapur inaugurated Livestock Business Facilitation Desk at KPCCI.
  1. The Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Law, Mr Arif Yousaf supported legislative reforms to protect interest of the stakeholders during the process of industrialization. He commended acceptance of the Park by the United Nations as #SDGAction9671, for two sustainable goals of self-employment for the youth and hygienic food production for the people of KP and FATA. He advised for perusal of the SDGs at the Cell established at the Provincial Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  1. The Special Assistant to Chief Minster on Livestock, Mr Mohibullah Khan supported the plan for preparing the province for International Halal Meat Market and advised for development of a policy to address the current challenges.
  1. The DSP head office/Display Center has been established at the City Towers, University Road Peshawar and the Park has been registered under Societies’ Registration Act XXI of 1860 to facilitate entrepreneurship development for young graduates and provide market linkages for the local livestock and poultry production system. An MoU was signed with the Khyber Institute of Veterinary Sciences, Peshawar for collaboration in livestock entrepreneurship development (LED).
  1. A collaborative arrangement was agreed with CEBG, Pakistan Army for utilizing the semen and embryos from elite dairy and beef ruminants at the medium sized farms in the province and FATA.
  1. A collaboration on “Biorisk Management” is with process with the Sandia National Laboratories USA. A four-members delegation of the Park visited the Netherlands in March 2015 for launching the initiative and a 12-members delegation is visiting Brussels Belgium during January 2015 to develop Pakistan Biorisk Curriculum for Universities in the Pakistan and the Region.
  1. A letter of intent was signed with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences for collaborative research on development and trade of Halal products.
  1. Focal Points have been appointed for the Park for Australia, China, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Netherlands, USA and Canada.
  1. The Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has appreciated the mission and placed the Dairy Science Park on his official profile at FATA-DA http://fatada.gov.pk/about-us/governers-profile/.
  1. The Senior Minister for Local Government and Rural Development, Mr Inayatullah Khan has allocated Rs.200 million for establishing a model slaughter house in consultation with the Park.
  1. The Senior Minister advised that an autonomous DSP Authority may be established under the supervision eminent academicians, and representatives of the Government, industry, farmers and civil society, focused at the burning issues of self-employment and hygienic food production. The Authority will provide an infrastructure for Business Incubation Centre (Rs.250 million) to promote industrial research under an Endowment Fund (Rs.250 million). This is line with the HEC vision of “facilitating higher educational institutions to develop entrepreneurship capacities and mindsets of youth”. Follow up meeting will be held to process the case.



Engr Irfan ul Haq Qureshi, Chief Executive Dairy Science Park, 401-A, City Tower, University Road Peshawar.

Tel +92 301 894 5994, i.quraysh@gmail.com



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